Creating a Comfortable Work Environment

Continuing to Help Provide Humans with a Comfortable Environment

This is another aspect on which we have placed great importance ever since the company's establishment. Facilities include the Factory's "New Annex", complete with employee benefits such as a cafeteria, our conveniently located employee dormitories at the headquarters and Factory, and a number of other recreational facilities, along with employee education and more. Under the motto "people are treasure," we take the extra step to improve the workplace environment.

Welfare facilities

Factory New Annex
The Factory New Annex includes a 250-seat cafeteria, men's and women's dressing rooms complete with showers, a medical office, and general assembly hall. Not only for a place of recreation and relaxation, but also this facility can be used for study groups and a diverse range of other activities.
Recreational Facilities
The company has cooperative arrangements offering different recreational facilities, including a hotel at Yoro Hot Springs in Gifu and a log house in Mikkabi, Shizuoka Prefecture, the use of which is made available through the Taiho Group.
Employee Dormitory
Employee dormitories for single persons are located in Toyota and Shiga, and offer very convenient commutes.

Extensive education system and a training

Educational programs featuring lecturers from inside and outside the company, as well as activities such as small group movement, give employees a chance to improve their skills and increase their work efficiency.

Communication Activities

Through various events including club activities and trips which employees’ families can join, we try to strengthen relationships among our employees.