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With a fundamental company aim being to pass along to future generations the blessings of nature, as exemplified by the clear rivers, clean air, and swarming fireflies at the base of the richly green Mt. Ibuki, every individual working in this organization or on behalf of the organization shall, in the course of corporate activities, make efforts to promote continuous improvements in our environmental management systems and prevent pollution.

  1. 1. We shall pay due heed to the environmental aspects of our main product, gaskets, and our corporate activities and services, and we shall endeavor to improve our environmental management activities and reduce our environmental impact.

  2. 2. We shall work to preserve the environment in observance of all environmental laws, regulations, and agreements, and through provision of the company's own environmental standards.

  3. 3. We shall draw up an environmental management plan determining environmental objectives and targets, and urge cooperation from all our related companies, including our customers. Additionally, we shall promote continuous improvements in environmental management through substantial internal audits and management reviews.

  4. 4. To the greatest possible extent, we shall work to conserve resources and energy, recycle, reduce wastes, and reduce the use of environmentally hazardous substances.

  5. 5. All individuals working in this organization or on behalf of the organization shall be provided with education and training in environmental policies and environmental management systems so as to have the individual acquire the necessary skills while simultaneously enhancing their environmental awareness.

  6. 6. We can actively engage in social contribution activities to preserve and beautify the local environment.

  7. 7. This environmental policy is to be released outside the company upon request.